We have a new MINI SESSION coming soon with limited spots available at a crazy price. Mini Sessions are Photo sessions of up to 60 min. They are hosted by Juan Sebastián Valencia only a few days during the year.
Our next mini session will be:
Los Angeles Headshots
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Limited spots
What are Mini Sessions?
Mini sessionS are a cool opportunity to experience a professional photoshoot with Juan Sebastián Valencia at a very low price with the same amazing results. 
PHOTO MINI SESSION: Exterior or Interior studio digital photography sessions that range between 45 to 60 minutes long. Think of them as a shorter version of a normal photoshoot with some limits in time and space.
Who are they for?
Anyone who needs new and updated headshots, thumbnails and/or profile pictures. We work with artists, business professionals and all kinds of humans. Check out some of our headshots HERE.
What to expect? 
Once you book your Mini session and your payment is confirmed you'll receive an email with the location address (in Los Angeles). Please arrive on time since your mini session will start at the exact hour you schedule it. 
OUTFITS & MAKEUP You can change unlimited outfits as many times as you want and you can also use all of the available backgrounds during your mini session, but keep in mind you'll have 45-60 minutes to complete your session and each change takes time from it. Try to arrive make-up ready so you don't waste time of your shoot. Available background colors for interior photoshoot are: Almond, White, Blue, Olive Green, Smoke Gray.
REVIEW AND DOWNLOAD: 3 days after the session you'll receive a link to review and choose your photos for retouch. You will be able to download them online on the final delivery. 
Price and delivery 
Mini sessionS consist of: 45 to 60 minutes photoshoot with Juan Sebastián Valencia at his HOME studio or neighborhood in Los Angeles (Los Feliz) .
You will receive a private gallery of all the photos (300 aprox), you can download them all. All photos are included unretouched.
*Mini sessionS includes all originals unretouched. 
Total price: USD$100.00.
Additional photo with skin retouch: USD $20.00 each.
Payments are via Zelle, Venmo or Cash. They must be done no longer than 24 hour before you book your MINI SESSION in order to successfully reserve your day an hour.
Delivery (of previews/review photos) is 3 days after session. Delivery (of final retouched photos) is 5 days after you choose your selected photos. 
Keep in mind 
Photos for mini sessions are taken in medium and close up angles. No wide angle or full body shots.
This price is only available for mini sessions that are schedule only a few days during the year.
You can only schedule one mini session per person/month. 
We can't guarantee available spots.
Spots fill out very fast.
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